This Technique Stops Anxiety In 26 Snaps

This post talks about the importance of applying grounding techniques to counter anxiety as it is starting. Anxiety tends to be triggered from a fear that happened deep in a person’s past. When a person experiences an anxiety attack they are brought back into that past and relive that experience. The mind time travels back to this time where it re-experiences this fear and thus anxiety/panic sets in. This is known as the FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real) response. In the current moment, there may well be no reason to be afraid but there may be something within the environment that reminds a person of that experience. Where the mind travels back to that moment and relives that same panicked response to fear. Fear lives in the past. Anxiety lives in the future – the mind sticks in a never-ending loop of “what might happen if”.. To move past this,

My Photography Journey

I fell into photography by accident. When I was a teenager, I struggled with anxiety attacks. I was so anxious I could barely leave my room, unable to walk down the street without crippling fear. I nearly dropped out of high school, missing days and weeks at a time. To recover, I sought to push myself into the most stressful situations I could think of to temper my response. I started volunteering in EMS after school as a student. Over time, the anxiety went down. It never went away but it was manageable. I was very behind in high school so I took summer courses and independent studies in order to race to catch up. Somehow, managed to graduate. As I walked to the stage, I remember the quizzical look of the teacher that handed me my diploma, as if it had been a mistake. Nonetheless, I went away to college