This Technique Stops Anxiety In 26 Snaps

This Technique Stops Anxiety In 26 Snaps

This post talks about the importance of applying grounding techniques to counter anxiety as it is starting.

Anxiety tends to be triggered from a fear that happened deep in a person’s past. When a person experiences an anxiety attack they are brought back into that past and relive that experience. The mind time travels back to this time where it re-experiences this fear and thus anxiety/panic sets in. This is known as the FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real) response.

In the current moment, there may well be no reason to be afraid but there may be something within the environment that reminds a person of that experience. Where the mind travels back to that moment and relives that same panicked response to fear.

Fear lives in the past.

Anxiety lives in the future – the mind sticks in a never-ending loop of “what might happen if”..

To move past this, one needs to become mindful of their present and accept there is no danger within it.

Where I want to be: In the present moment, mindful of the environment around me for what it really is.

To stop this practice of “time traveling” – I need to become aware of my surroundings. This technique is called Grounding and it does precisely that.

Additionally, I thought it possible to add a photographer’s spin on it.

Grounding is a practice that brings you back into the current moment – the now.

Look around the room and try to find an object that starts with the first letter of the Alphabet: A. When you find it, name it aloud

Then, take a photo of it.


Photograph that starts with the letter A – Afternoon


Next, find an object in the room that starts with the concurrent letter: B….


Photograph that starts with the letter B – Brochure


C…for Cane


Photograph that starts with the letter C – Cane

And so on..all the way to Z.



I recommend picking a singular technique and practicing it on each letter of the alphabet (26 times). If you’re like me; as soon as you pick up a camera the anxiety drips away and peace comes.

It is important to note that your photography need not be technically perfect and you need not have all your gear out. You can use the camera you have on you, such as what I did with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Pick one single technique (such as photographing everything in black and white, for example) and then photograph each letter of the alphabet in that style.

Being as the goal is to become mindful of the present it is important to complete the exercise without overthinking it

Have fun

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